CEFi – the Centre for Philosophy Studies, part of the Catholic University of Portugal’s Faculty of Human Sciences, was founded by rectorial decree in 2005, as a multidisciplinary Philosophy research unit within the intellectual framework of the Faculty of Human Sciences. Recognised by the Foundation for Science and Technology, CEFi, unit 701, emerged out of the merger of two earlier R&D units, which had been academically and scientifically in existence within the Philosophy department since its own foundation.

Thus, the history of CEFi thereby stretches back beyond the aforementioned date and to earlier generations of professors and researchers and merging with the institutional history of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Portugal and the philosophic research practices at the Faculty of Human Sciences.

Located on the Lisbon campus of the Catholic University of Portugal, the CEFi mission reflects a matrix of interests surrounding the human phenomenon, which is studied across its diverse ontological expressions, in particular ethical, social, historical, cultural and religious. Through its projects and groups, CEFi studies and researches the realities of being, of thinking and acting, organising its human and scientific resources into specific Thematic Lines: The Ontological Foundations of Human Experience and Ethics, Applied Philosophy and Politics

CEFi is governed by its own regulations in accordance with the University’s own statutes, in particular article 43, the regulations of the Faculty of Human Sciences and the regulations of Humanitas, the Faculty Scientific Research Coordination Unit and is made up of the following bodies: a Scientific Coordinator, a Management Council and a Scientific Council. Its activities are overseen by an External Scientific Advisory Body made up of individuals of recognised merit, both national and international, and independent of the Centre.