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As the Lisbon pole library, the John Paul II University Library (BUJPII) was founded simultaneous to the Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon and was transferred to its current installations and thus named in 1989. It is the only library of the Catholic University in Lisbon (there are no departmental libraries), and the facility renders support to all study programs in effect at the university in Lisbon. Its collections span the fields of the Humanities in general and Philosophy, Theology, Human Sciences, Law, Economics, Management, History and Literature specifically, and both in terms of books (monographs) and journals (periodicals) and audiovisual materials, storing a collection of around 170,000 titles (corresponding to over 200,000 volumes) and over 1,500 active periodical titles.

The John Paul II University Library was named following the laying of the foundation by Pope John Paul II himself on the occasion of his visit to Portugal in 1982.

The library is free to access, open to all students, lecturers and staff at the the university as well as any other person who registers as an external reader.

BUJPII is internally organised into diverse different technical departments and provides users with a range of services including access to various technical data bases and free and constant access to the Internet.

BUJPII is a private library and the university retains the right to stipulate its operational practices; in accessing the library installations, all users are implicitly accepting respect for these rules with any such failure to do so likely to jeopardise future access.

CEFi runs a bibliographic section with its own registration system integrated into the general library collection. The collection is available to unit researchers alongside the public in general. Access to the section is managed by BUJPII. The library will provide the instructions necessary to complete any loan request. Certain publications may be temporarily reserved for CEFi-only access.