Call for papers

N.º 2 - Karl Marx 200th anniversary (Deadline for paper submissions: September 30, 2018)

In 2018, we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. His thought and the action it inspired strongly influenced the recent history of Europe and the world, at least until the late 1980’s. Concepts such as “class struggle”, “proletariat”, “dialectic”, “ideology” or “exploitation”, would not know the circulation they still enjoy today if it were not for Marx's use of them. However, none of them was created by Marx and some of them were already current in his time; nevertheless, it is still often by reaction to the meaning they had for Marx that we refer to them. Yet Marx's influence goes far beyond the intellectual field. Inspired by his ideas we witnessed, along the twentieth century, to the emergence of political regimes that dominated almost a third of the Planet and almost half of the world's population. Marxism, however, was not a radical novelty, neither in the field of thought nor in that of action. When Friedrich Engels concluded his famous work on Feuerbach with the words: "The German working-class movement is the heir of German classical philosophy," he indicated a filiation, which, though in some respects questionable, is nevertheless true. For all these reasons, it is justified that we revisit Marxism and make a balance of its contribution (for the better or for the worse) to the history of the last 150 years.

In this sense, we call for papers for issue n.º 2 of the IJPSV, addressing preferably the following topics:

  1. The genesis of Marx's thought.

  2. Marx and the English political economy of the eighteenth century.
  3. The Marxist concepts of “productive forces” and “relations of production”.
  4. “Classless society”: the genesis of an idea.
  5. Classical Marxism and the developments of Marxism in the Twentieth Century.
  6. Marxism and Social Doctrine of the Church.
  7. Marxism and Human Rights.
  8. Marxism in Portugal.



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